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In 2002 the Government imposed a levy on all primary aggregate production (including marine aggregates) to reflect the environmental cost of winning these materials. A proportion of the revenue generated is used to provide a source of funding for research aimed at minimising the effects of aggregate production. This fund, delivered through Defra, is known as the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF).

The main aim of the Marine ALSF programme is to promote environmentally friendly aggregate extraction in the marine environment in England or in English waters.

The Marine ALSF is currently administered by The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) under the Marine Environmental Protection Fund (MEPF) and for heritage related projects by English Heritage.

The ALSF Marine GIS database provides access to marine aggregate research project metadata information and digital reports. The database can be accessed using text and GIS map-based searches. For an overview of the types of data stored on the database, please see our What Data is available page. Click here to search for aggregate project information. Registered users can also download detailed aggregate research project metadata and digital PDF reports as well as upload information about new marine aggregate research projects. Click here to register.

For more information on the project see About the Marine GIS.

Humber REC

The environmental survey data, acquired during surveys conducted in May 2009, together with the survey operations report for the Humber REC project is now available.

Thames REC WEBGIS Launched

The Marine ALSF Steering Group are pleased to announce the launch of the Outer Thames WebGIS.

Thames REC Interpretation & Analysis

The final report and data appendices for the Outer Thames Estuary REC are now available.